All Canada Clean Specializes in Stripping and Waxing of Large and Small Floors!.

How do we do our job? Read the followoing to get an introduction on how to strip and wax a floor.

Stripping Purpose: To remove floor finish and embedded soil from the floor before applying new floor finish.

Required Supplies & Equipment: Rotary Floor Scrubber, Dual Speed Floor Buffer, or Automatic Scrubber · Floor Stripping Solution · Floor Stripper Neutralizer · Floor Stripping Pads · Hand Pads and Holder for edge cleaning · Set of Wet Floor Signs · 2 Clean Mop Buckets & Wringers · 2 Wet Mop Handles · Clean Looped-End Banded Mops · Wet Pick-up Vacuum

Stripping and Waxing
All Canada Clean Corp.
Bonded and Insured
1. Prepare Equipment
​2. Prepare Area
3. Dust Mop Floor
​4. Apply Stripping Solution
5. Machine Scrub
​6. Pick Up Dirty Solution
7. Rinse And Dry Floor
​8. Final Rinse
9. Clean Up