Quality Assurance

…is an important aspect of our business plan.

1. Equipment, supplies and material: All Canada Clean Corp. only purchases top quality equipment and supplies utilizing suppliers such asWesClean. They are the largest cleaning supply and equipment provider in Canada and is committed to working together with their clients for a cleaner environment.

2. Set-up,Inspections and follow-ups: All Canada Clean Corp. implements its inspection program on a step by step process. Detailed quality assurance plans are set as follows:

a. Set up:upon contract award we go through your establishment and outline a specific scope of work to meet your needs.

b. Do inspections: All Canada Clean Corp. always performs internal inspections both with and without the client on a regular basis.

c. Follow-up: In the event that maintenance is not at a desirable level we will inform you, rectify the issue and follow through with the staff.